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Congressional Acts that Helps Uplift African Americans

The Search For Throughout history, there has been a struggle for equality and justice. The oppression that African Americans have received throughout the generational period in which they first arrived in America has continued to be a raging war. Article I, Section 8 of the American Constitution enabled Congress to have certain rights and authorities over the laws. In the evaluation of the 1700s, 1800s, 1950s, and 1990s, the prolific effects can be seen through specific Congressional Acts. Between 1775 and 1783, the American Revolutionary war was won and America was able to declare their freedom from the British rule. Although, freedom was given to whites, the same could not be said for black people within the society. In examining the†¦show more content†¦Thus giving states and public agencies the ability to be discriminate against the black community, and extending another form of dehumanization which can be seen as spilled over from the 1700s. A long awaited a historical NAACP court case was won in 1954 after the Supreme Court made a ground making decision in the Brown vs. Board of Education verdict. A lawsuit was brought against the Board of Education which denied back student the ability to attend schools with whites. This court case overturned the previous decision of Plessy v. Ferguerson of 1896, and helped to defeat the notion that America could be â€Å"separate but equal†. As a result segregation was banned and deemed as illegal, providing African Americans with the ability to be provided the same educational advantages as their white counter part. Yet the laws remained restricted pertaining to public entities such as restaurants. The Supreme Court ruled that segregation within the schools was illegal; the laws pertaining to Jim Crow remained in the 1960s. A Congressional Act passed in regards to the Voting Rights of 1965, which â€Å"encouraged African-American voter registration† (A. Leon Higginbotham). The right for black people to vote gave the possibility for black Americans to have a voice. Following the Congressional Act many African Americans decided to vote, yet were met with intimidationan, and â€Å" punishing candidatesShow MoreRelatedPolice Brutality And Corruption, War, And Peace1640 Words   |  7 Pagesquestion will clearly address the variations of police practices over the past 5 years in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, due to the recent incidents regarding police brutality and corruption. Using Chapter 12 Politics, Power, War, and Peace, will help show the relationships between politics in law enforcement and police officers, which deals with a lot of power and peace. Chapter 1 2 Politics, Power, War, and Peace, Section Cultural Controls in Maintaining Order states â€Å"Every culture has variousRead MoreIs Rosa Parks a True Hero2506 Words   |  11 Pagesordered Parks and three blacks seated next to her to move. Parks refused and was arrested. This act of individual resistance, especially in a time where there was lynching for blacks who stepped out of line was rare, especially for a woman. Although it seems insignificant, Parks’ resistance on Dec. 1, 1955 changed the course of history and led to her other major accomplishments, eventually making her an American Hero.2 Sparked by the arrest of Rosa Parks on 1 December 1955, the Montgomery bus boycottRead MoreSegregation and Discrimination in the United States Military During World War Two10166 Words   |  41 Pagesgroups iv. Lack of upward mobility into upper ranks v. Restriction to certain jobs 2. World War Two Minorities c. African Americans vi. Inclusion 1. The Draft and quotas 2. 369th Hell Fighters 3. Tuskegee Airman vii. Port Chicago Disaster d. Native Americans viii. Code talkers 4. Invaluable resource 5. Creation and use 6. Top secret until middle 1968

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The Rise Of Isis - 1377 Words

The rise of Isis is a big thing in the world we live in now. Every Country is at the risk of ISIS attacking them. There have been many attacks that ISIS has carried out, for example of what they have done is the 9/11 attack, this was a really sad day for the American people. The ISIS group hijacked 4 air planes and 2 got ramped into the twin towers kill many people, and one of the other planes crashed into the Pentagon and the 4th plane crashed in a field, 2,996 people died on the 11 of September. This was all from ISIS., another attack ISIS did was the Paris shooting, the 3 people who are members of ISIS ran into this ma magazine writer and open fire in this work place and killed 17 people, after they did their thing, they jumped into a car and drove off, the reason they did this was because the magazine writer made fun of their god. Over the many years that ISIS have been around they have done over hundred attacks. The points that I will be touching on is the background, chronology , how have we changed, Groups affected and different perspectives. ISIS is also known as ISIL. ISIL stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. ISIS operates around the world but most of the time ISIS operates in western Iran and also in eastern Syria. ISIS has a massive stretch of ground in both of those states. This makes it military the most effective is jihadi movement ever. While the specific size is unknown, we believe that ISIS has thousands and hundreds of fighters. ISIS comes fromShow MoreRelatedThe Rise Of Isis In Iraq And Syria Is Shocking. I Don’T813 Words   |  4 PagesThe rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria is shocking. I don’t understand why or how they are growing so fast. Per the video, we watched in class, there are thousands of people who give up everything to travel and leave their homes to be under strict Islamic authority. They then become far away from their homes and are potentially risking their lives because they could die in the process of joining ISIS. It is literally like signing your life over. I for one do not understand their reason and mentalityRead MoreIs The Threat Of International Security?1141 Words   |  5 PagesIs ISIS a threat to international security? ISIS is a threat to international security because they attack, murder, torture and slaughter innocent people, villages and cities. ISIS sees itself as the Islamic Caliphate and controls lots of land in western Iraq and eastern Syria. They also pledge allegiance from different radical Islamic groups around the world. ISIS started from U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Saddam Hussein fighters were left without a job, and they were furious. Al Qaeda choseRead MoreMiddle East Essay720 Words   |  3 Pages To be frank, I believe there are two majors issues destabilizing the Middle-East: (1) the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS) and (2) a future nuclear-arm Islamic Iran. It worthy of noting that the intricacy of the Middle East did not start with ISIS, arguably so, the Middle-East was always a chaotic place. After the rise of ISIS, this organization managed to expand its operation beyond the Middle. The ISIS group became and still is the most dangerous criminal organization. Among many of their criminalRead MoreEntrenched Sectarianism Limits Optimism, Impacts Views Of Democracy1589 Words   |  7 Pagesof the most important Arab countries; it is unbelievable that we have a Kurdish president.† Many participants view sectarianism as the underlying barrier to improving lives, strengthening the economy, resolving the security situation, and fighting ISIS. Sectarian tensions affect atti-tudes toward Iraqi leaders and democracy in general. For example, many Sunni and Kurd par-ticipants worry that Abadi will only represent Shia interests and think that someone coming from Maliki’s party, Da’wa, will focusRead MoreThe Conflict Between The Middle East And Christianity1596 Words   |  7 Pagesthe rapid rise of extremism, international disputes over territories, and corruption. Solutions to these issues facing humankind are compulsory to avoid some expected consequence. No more than two years ago people thought of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda organisation if we mentioned the nightmare, extremism. Instead, nowadays the new forces of evil would be the ISIS, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. ISIS originates from Al-Qaeda in Iraq. I think that the occur of ISIS is underRead MoreThe Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria1746 Words   |  7 PagesSyria (ISIS) is the newer and more intimidating version of the famous terrorist group Al Qaeda. The group makes an appearance in the news almost every day. Over the past couple of years, they have multiplied in numbers. Not limited only to the Middle East, there are people all over the world who have proclaimed allegiance to ISIS. The Islamic extremist group has set out to destroy anything or anyone that comes in their way or do not agree with what they stand for. In the earlier years before ISIS wasRead MoreIsis Existence Of The Middle East1378 Words   |  6 PagesKuroki June 17 2015 ISIS existence in the Middle East ISIS is a Salafi group that follows an extreme interpretation of Islam and promotes religious violence. ISIS has been on a running climb to power and control in the Middle East. The rise of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Islamist militant group that has took over huge parts of land stretching from northern Syria to central Iraq, and it has struck fear into the hearts of leaders around the world. The main reason ISIS is so terrifyingRead MoreThe 9 / 11 Attacks On The United States1536 Words   |  7 Pagesat the military base the shooter has been sentenced to die as well as most recently it has become public knowledge that Hasan has written letters to the militant Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and requested to become a citizen of that group. As the U.S. grapples with the horrors of the rise of ISIS and the recent beheadings of both American and British citizens, it would be a beheading in September of this year that would shock and horrify Americans, especially in the heartland of OklahomaRead MoreThe Political Power Of Social Media923 Words   |  4 PagesAs of 2015, Facebook and Twitter have a total of 1.49 billion and 304 million active users respectively. This rapid rise and popularity of social media has allowed for the dispersion of ideas quickly and effectively on a global scale; in such a way that is unparalleled to any time in history. Therefore, the rise of social media has created a new, immensely powerful form of Civil Society Two. A form that has the ability to create political unrest and outright revolution in the modern states. In referenceRead MoreThe Rise Of The Islamic State1707 Words   |  7 PagesISIS Essay: The Rise of ISIS The rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or also sometimes known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is an extremist Islamic militant group that has based themselves from around North Syria to the Central part of Iraq. ISIS is has been run by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi since May 2010 and has terrified people from all around the world with their extreme use of violence to get what they want. The group originally began in 2004 with the name Al Qaeda

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Natural Resources Free Essays

string(62) " the ability to change raw materials into valuable resources\." Natural resource Natural resources (economically referred to as land or raw materials) are naturally forming substances that are considered valuable in their relatively unmodified (natural) form. A natural resource’s value rests in the amount and extractability of the material available and the demand for it. The latter is determined by its usefulness to production. We will write a custom essay sample on Natural Resources or any similar topic only for you Order Now A commodity is generally considered a natural resource when the primary activities associated with it are extraction and purification, as opposed to creation. Thus, mining, petroleum extraction, fishing, hunting, and forestry are generally considered natural-resource industries, while agriculture is not. The term was introduced to a broad audience by E. F. Schumacher in his 1973 book Small is Beautiful. [1] The term is defined by the United States Geological Survey as â€Å"The Nation’s natural resources include its minerals, energy, land, water, and biota. â€Å"[2] | | Classification of natural forms Natural resources are mostly classified into renewable and non-renewable resources. Sometimes resources are classified as non-renewable even if they are technically renewable, just not easily renewed within a reasonable amount of time, such as fossil fuels. Non-renewable resources Main article: Non-renewable resource Some non-renewable resources can be renewable but take an extremely long time to renew. Fossil fuels, for example, take millions of years to form and so are not practically considered ‘renewable’. Different non-renewable resources like oil, coal, natural gas etc. have different levels of demand from different sectors like transportation and residences with each resource specializing for each sector. 3] Many environmentalists propose a tax on consumption of non renewable resources. Non-renewable resources cannot be replaced or can only be replaced over thousands or millions of years. Natural capital Natural resources are natural capital converted to commodity inputs to infrastructural capital processes. [4][5] They include soil, timber, oil, minerals, and other goods harvested from the Earth. Both extraction of the basic resource and refining it into a purer, directly usable form, (e. g. , metals, refined oils) are generally considered natural-resource activities, even though the latter may not necessarily occur near the former. This process generates high profits due to the high demand for the natural resources and the energies that they are able to generate. A nation’s natural resources often determine its wealth in the world economic system and its diplomatic, military, and political influence. Developed nations are those which are less dependent on natural resources for wealth, due to their greater reliance on infrastructural capital for production. However, some see a resource curse whereby easily obtainable natural resources could actually hurt the prospects of a national economy by fostering political corruption. Political corruption can negatively impact the national economy because time is spent giving bribes or other economically unproductive acts instead of the generation of generative economic activity. This has been seen over the years with legislation passed to appease companies who will benefit. There also tends to be concentrations of ownership over specific plots of land that have proven to yield natural resources. In recent years, the depletion of natural capital and attempts to move to sustainable development have been a major focus of development agencies. This is of particular concern in rainforest regions, which hold most of the Earth’s natural biodiversity – irreplaceable genetic natural capital. Conservation of natural resources is the major focus of natural capitalism, environmentalism, the ecology movement, and green politics. Some view this depletion as a major source of social unrest and conflicts in developing nations. Types of resources Natural Resources Natural resources are derived from the environment. Many of them are essential for our survival while others are used for satisfying our wants. Natural resources may be further classified in different ways. On the basis of origin, resources may be divided into: †¢ Biotic – Biotic resources are the ones which are obtained from the biosphere. Forests and their products, animals, birds and their products, fish and other marine organisms are important examples. Minerals such as coal and petroleum are also included in this category because they were formed from decayed organic matter. †¢ Abiotic – Abiotic resources comprise of non-living things. Examples include land, water, air and minerals such as gold, iron, copper, silver etc. On the basis of the stage of development, natural resources may be called: †¢ Potential Resources – Potential resources are those which exist in a region and may be used in the future. For example, mineral oil may exist in many parts of India having sedimentary rocks but till the time it is actually drilled out and put into use, it remains a potential resource. †¢ Actual Resources are those which have been surveyed, their quantity and quality determined and are being used in present times. For example, the petroleum and the natural gas which is obtained from the Bombay High Fields. The development of an actual resource, such as wood processing depends upon the technology available and the cost involved. That part of the actual resource which can be developed profitably with available technology is called a reserve. On the basis of renewability, natural resources can be categorized into: †¢ Renewable Resources – Renewable resources are the ones which can be replenished or reproduced easily. Some of them, like sunlight, air, wind, etc. , are continuously available and their quantity is not affected by human consumption. Many renewable resources can be depleted by human use, but may also be replenished, thus maintaining a flow. Some of these, like agricultural crops, take a short time for renewal; others, like water, take a comparatively longer time, while still others, like forests, take even longer. †¢ Non-renewable Resources – Non-renewable resources are formed over very long geological periods. Minerals and fossils are included in this category. Since their rate of formation is extremely slow, they cannot be replenished once they get depleted. Out of these, the metallic minerals can be re-used by recycling them. But coal and petroleum cannot be recycled. On the basis of ownership,resources can be classified into:individual,community,national,and international Individual resources: Human resources Human beings are also considered to be resources because they have the ability to change raw materials into valuable resources. You read "Natural Resources" in category "Papers" The term Human resources can also be defined as the skills, energies, talents, abilities and knowledge that are used for the production of goods or the rendering of services. While taking into account human beings as resources, the following things have to be kept in mind: †¢ The size of the population The capabilities of the individuals in that population Resource use and sustainable development Many resources cannot be consumed in their original form. They have to be processed in order to change them into more usable commodities. This is known as resource development. With the rise in human numbers all over the world, the demand for resources has also increased. However, there is a difference in distribution of resources to different regions or countries. Developed countries use more resources than developing countries. The rising demand coupled with the over-consumption of resources has led to several problems: †¢ Resource depletion Accumulation of resources in the hands of a few †¢ Environmental degradation †¢ Tragedy of the commons †¢ Resource curse Uses of our Natural Resources Rock and mineral resources have a wide variety of uses and play a huge role in our lives The Mineral Information Institute has a poster showing how much of a variety of minerals each person uses in his or her lifetime. Minerals are important to our health. We need small amounts of a wide variety of minerals. Minerals found in Tennessee which people need include: calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, copper, fluoride, iron, and zinc. Coal, oil and natural gas provide us with almost all of the energy we use to light, heat and run our world. Minerals are ingredients in almost all of the products we use from fertilizer to plastics, from toothpaste to kitty litter, from knives to plates. Minerals are common ingredients in pigments. In fact, some of the earliest uses of minerals were as pigments. Minerals also play an important role in the processing of materials. Bentonite is important in well drilling, Barite is important in oil drilling. Fluorite is important in making steel |Resource |How are our resources used? characteristics exploited) | |Barite |Used in oil drilling to weigh down the oil and prevent gushers (high specific gravity), filler in paint, glass, | | |toothpaste. | |Chert |Used to make stone tools. (hardness, fracture patterns). Used as fill to provide a stable base for roads | | |(insolubility) | |Clay |Used to make pottery and bricks. Used for pet litter (ability to absorb water) | |Chalcopyrite (copper)|Copper is used to make electrical wiring (electrical conductivity). Used in alloys – bronze and brass (low | | |melting point, beauty, resistance to oxidation) Used as an ingredient in pigments (blue and green) | |Coal |Used as a fuel (flammable). The oils and tars produced processing coal are processed into a variety of organic | | |solvents and compounds such as plastics, motor fuel, photo developer, perfume, medicine, and sugar substitute. |Fluorite |Used as a flux – i. e. used as an intermediate chemical to separate metals from waste material. Another important | | |product made from fluorite is hydrofluoric acid, which is used in the pottery, optics, and plastics industry. | | |Fluorite is also used in making opalescent glass and in enameling cookware. | |Galena (lead) |The largest use of lead is in automotive batteries. It is also used as weights (high specific gravity). Used as | | |an ingredient in solder (soft, low melting point. ). Until recently it was also used as an ingredient in paint and| | |as an additive in gasoline to make engines run more smoothly. | |Gypsum |Gypsum is primarily used to make wallboard. It is also an ingredient in cement. | |Ilmenite (titanium) |Titanium is used in alloys to make strong light-weight materials – space ships, bicycles Used to make white paint| | |- non-toxic replacement for lead, which used to be used for this purpose. low reactivity) | |Iron |Iron is used for tools, for appliances, for building supports. It is also used as a pigment (red and ochre) | |Limestone |Limestone is used as building stone, for ornamental stone for surfaces and sculpture, to make cement and mortar, | | |as crushed stone for fill | |Mussel Shells |Mussel shells were used as ceremonial objects. European Americans have used shells as ornaments – buttons and | | |pearls for jewelry. | |Oil/Natural Gas |Oil and natural gas are used as fuels and ingredients in the chemical industry to produce petroleum based | | |products notably plastics. | |Phosphate |Phosphate is used as a fertilizer and to make phosphoric acid which is a major ingredient in food products such | | |as cola drinks. | |Saltpeter |Saltpeter was used as a fertilizer (source of nitrogen) and as an ingredient in gunpowder. It has now been | | |replaced by the related compound ammonium nitrate which can be manufactured in the laboratory. | |Sand Gravel |Sand and gravel are used as fill to provide a stable foundation for buildings and roads. | |Sandstone |Sandstone is used as a building material. | |Sphalerite (zinc) |Zinc is used as an ingredient in brass (with copper). It is used to coat (galvanize) iron implements to protect | | |them from rusting. It is used as a pigment (white) | Natural resources are raw materials we use to make other products. These include trees, minerals, aquatic life, gravel, coal, and many others. How can businesses remove these resources from an area and still maintain a working landscape? Responsible businesses know that they can make money producing products or gathering natural resources while they minimize the damage to their surroundings. Take a look at some products and possible damage from forestry, mining, and aquaculture. Forestry The forest industry is made up of businesses involved in the growing and harvesting of trees and other plant life from forests. |Products |Damages | |wood products |They provide lumber or timber for |clearcutting |Removing a large block of trees exposes ground, which is| | |building houses, boats, decks, and | |vulnerable to soil erosion. | |furniture. | | | |paper |They create pulp to make paper and |log jams |Over cutting may result in logs piling up and blocking | | |paper products. | |the natural flow of water. | |Christmas trees |They grow, cut, and sell Christmas |lost recreational |Forest landscapes are degraded. Who wants to visit a | | |trees. value |forest with no trees, or a river clogged with trees? | |landscaping |They fulfill our landscaping needs |lost renewable |New trees may not be planted. Forests are not renewable | | |with trees and plants. |resource |resources unless trees are planted to replace the trees | | | | |cut down. This also displaces wildlife. | Mining Mining is the process or business of removing ore, soil, rock, and minerals from the ground or from mountains. |Products |Damages | |Coins |Historically and currently used as |Reclamation | | |money. |Reclamation means restoring land that has been altered. Mining pits must be | | | |reclaimed after mining operations cease. Poor mining practices can destroy the| | | |environment and cost taxpayers a lot of money in clean-up. | | | |Habitat destruction | | | |Animal habitats are destroyed and biodiversity is compromised. | | |Pollution | | | |Mining by-products, called tailings, can pollute our air and water. | |Gold/Silver Standards|Influence the value of currency. | | |Fossil Fuels |Provide fuel by burning. | |Nutrition |Minerals are often used in vitamins. | | |Building Materials |Provide materials used in | | | |construction like aluminum and | | | |concrete. | |Jewelry |Gold, silver, diamonds and other | | | |precious stones provide material for | | | |jewelry. | |Gravel |Gravel is used to build roads and is | | | |mixed into cement to form concrete. | | Aquaculture Aquaculture is the business of raising marine or freshwater fish or shellfish under controlled conditions. |Products |Damages | |Oyster |Netpens |   |Areas of waterways that are lined off by nets; these result in large quantities of waste (just like other forms of intensive | | |animal production). | | | | | |Aquaculture Waste | | |Processing wastes are often released directly into natural bodies of water. | | | | |Protein | | |Many fish are carnivorous—they eat meat. The food provided in fish farms may not contain meat protein. The fish who eat this | | |food do not possess the same amount of protein as their natural counterparts. This can result in a less healthy fish. | | | | |Mangroves | | |Fishing operations (shrimp farms in particular) have damaged mangroves—trees and shrubs forming buffering boundaries between | | |land and saltwater environments. (This is an important ecosystem along coastlines. | |Clams | | |   | | |Shrimp | | |   | | |Lobster | | |   | | |Salmon | | |   | | |Trout | | |   | | How to cite Natural Resources, Papers

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USA presidential election

Almost every nation in the world conducts presidential elections at one point in time. This is done so that the nation can choose a leader of their choice to rule and govern them. As such, presidential elections are significant in all nations since the citizens get the opportunity to choose the president of their country.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on USA presidential election specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Different government systems use different methods to elect their presidents as well as conducting the election process at different periods. In this paper, the USA presidential election process as well as the criterion used in elections will be discussed. In the United States, elections are normally carried out on the Election Day which falls between the 2nd and 8th of November after every four years. The trend in the United States from 1792 has been that the presidential elections take place quadrenniall y. For instance, the previously held elections in the USA took place November 4, 2008. In that case, the next presidential elections are bound to take place on November 6, 2012 according to the stipulated election laws. The laws of the state and federal government normally regulate the USA presidential elections (Mayer and Bernstein). As such, the process entails a certain number of electors from the Electoral College being allocated to each state[1]. The allocation is made in such a way that it corresponds to the number of senators as well as the Representatives of the U.S Congress. The candidates wishing to contest for any post in the government are required to be certified by the Congress as early as in the month of January in the Election year. The voters on the other hand are given the authority to vote for any candidate they deem fit for the post according to their opinion. In order to ensure fairness in the elections, the votes are cast in secured ballot boxes. For one to be certified as a presidential candidate in the United States they must bear the following characteristics: They must be 35 years and above They must have been U.S residents for a period of at least 14 years[2]. They must be native citizens of USA by birth. They must have served as USA presidents for only one term or none at all. From the above requirements, it means that one cannot be elected as the president of the USA for a third term. In that case, the constitution stipulates that the presidents are only to serve for a maximum of two terms only. In addition to this, the presidential candidates are normally selected through primary elections conducted by the delegates of the political party. In this case, the presidential candidate is entitled to win the nomination by a majority vote from the delegates.Advertising Looking for essay on government? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In other instances, the presidential candidates are selected because of the prominence they have in the party. In the presidential election, a number of candidates contest for the seat depending on the number chosen from different parties. For instance, during the 2008 USA presidential elections, two candidates from the Republican and Democrats parties contested the seat. Once the presidential candidate wins the election, they are given the option of selecting their vice presidents. As the trend has been in the United States, most presidential candidates normally have running mates who end up being the vice-president once the candidate wins. Works Cited Mayer, William and Bernstein, Jonathan. The Making of the Presidential Candidates.  Maryland: Rowman Littlefield, 2012. Print. â€Å"Quick guide: US presidential elections.† BBC. January 26, 2007. Web. Footnotes â€Å"Quick guide: US presidential elections.† BBC. January 26, 2007. Web. â€Å"Quick guide: US presidential elections.† BBC. January 26, 2007. Web. This essay on USA presidential election was written and submitted by user F0rg0ttenOne to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Free Essays on Milosevic Speech

: You should stay here. This is your land. These are your houses. Your meadows and gardens. Your memories. You shouldn’t abandon your land just because it’s difficult to live, because you are pressured by injustice and degradation. It was never part of the Serbian and Montenegrin character to give up in the face of obstacles, to demobilize when it’s time to fight†¦ You should stay here for the sake of your ancestors and descendants. But I don’t suggest that you stay, endure, and tolerate a situation you’re not satisfied with. On the contrary, you should change it with the rest of the progressive people here, in Serbia and in Yugoslavia. (Silber and Little 37) He made this speech at a crucial moment when the Federation of the Yugoslav Republics was in the midst of a political crisis and a single word would have provoked tense nationalistic emotions. On the one hand, some sources claim that the speech was given spontaneously by Slobodan Milosevic, whereas other sources claim it was a carefully planned and delivered speech. In the following I will prove, by analyzing the situation and the speech, that it was in fact carefully planned. Being aware of the growing nationalism amongst Kosovar Serbs, the Serbian President, Stambolic, had decided not to attend this gathering of the local Serb leaders. He telephoned Milosevic telling him that he should postpone any other plans he had and attend the meeting. Milosevic was not aware of anything that was going to happen, â€Å"It was a stroke of good fortune for the young party chief. The Serbian President, Stambolic, should have gone to Kosovo himself for talks with local leaders, but casually sent Milosevic in his place† (Silber and Little 37). As Silber... Free Essays on Milosevic Speech Free Essays on Milosevic Speech On 28th of June 1989 Milosevic visited Kosova ostensibly to calm the Kosovar Serbs’ anger against their perceived mistreatment by the Albanians. In the event, he delivered an inflammatory speech culminating in the words: You should stay here. This is your land. These are your houses. Your meadows and gardens. Your memories. You shouldn’t abandon your land just because it’s difficult to live, because you are pressured by injustice and degradation. It was never part of the Serbian and Montenegrin character to give up in the face of obstacles, to demobilize when it’s time to fight†¦ You should stay here for the sake of your ancestors and descendants. But I don’t suggest that you stay, endure, and tolerate a situation you’re not satisfied with. On the contrary, you should change it with the rest of the progressive people here, in Serbia and in Yugoslavia. (Silber and Little 37) He made this speech at a crucial moment when the Federation of the Yugoslav Republics was in the midst of a political crisis and a single word would have provoked tense nationalistic emotions. On the one hand, some sources claim that the speech was given spontaneously by Slobodan Milosevic, whereas other sources claim it was a carefully planned and delivered speech. In the following I will prove, by analyzing the situation and the speech, that it was in fact carefully planned. Being aware of the growing nationalism amongst Kosovar Serbs, the Serbian President, Stambolic, had decided not to attend this gathering of the local Serb leaders. He telephoned Milosevic telling him that he should postpone any other plans he had and attend the meeting. Milosevic was not aware of anything that was going to happen, â€Å"It was a stroke of good fortune for the young party chief. The Serbian President, Stambolic, should have gone to Kosovo himself for talks with local leaders, but casually sent Milosevic in his place† (Silber and Little 37). As Silber...

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Definition and Usage of the French Word Enchanté

Definition and Usage of the French Word Enchantà © French has long had an influence on the English language. The two languages  share the same  alphabet  and a number of  true cognates. But, the biggest influence of French on the English language may be the number of words- such  as  enchantà ©- that have been passed from the former to the latter tongue. The French word enchantà © is an adjective, but you are likely to use the term to express delight when meeting someone new. Definitions: Enchantà ©Ã‚  vs. Enchant The word  enchantà © in French means enchanted, delighted, overjoyed, smitten, or bewitched. In English, the word enchant means to influence by charms and incantation, to  bewitch, attract, move deeply, or rouse to ecstatic admiration. The similarities in the French and English terms are clear. The spellings are quite similar, but the pronunciations are a bit different. The word enchantà © is pronounced [a(n) sha(n) tay] in French. Not surprisingly, the English word enchant has an origin dating back centuries, having derived from its sister word  enchantà ©Ã‚  in French. Origin of Enchantà ©Ã‚  and Enchant The  Oxford Living Dictionaries  notes that the modern English term enchant actually comes from  Middle English, the language spoken in England from about 1100 to 1500. Enchant is derived from the late Middle English term meaning to put under a spell and delude. The term was originally spelled incant in Middle English, as in an incantation.​ Before that, the English word derived from the French term, enchanter, which in turn originated from the Latin incantare, meaning in   cantere,  to sing.  The French term  enchanter  is the infinitive form of the word, meaning to enchant, to delight, to be overjoyed, or to bewitch. Examples of  Enchantà © To gain a fuller understanding of  enchantà ©, it may be helpful to see how the term is used in French and translated into English. French Sentence(s) English Translation Je suis enchantà © de cette pià ¨ce. I'm delighted by this play. "Voici mon frà ¨re David.""Enchantà ©." "This is my brother David.""Nice to meet you." Cette forà ªt est enchantà ©e. This forest is enchanted. Note how, in the first two examples,  enchantà ©Ã‚  is translated as delighted or nice (as in delighted to meet you). The word, nice by itself translates as  agrà ©able  in French. The word nice only translates as  enchantà ©Ã‚  in the context of expressing delight or enchantment upon meeting someone. Enchantà © in French Literature The notion of enchantment has a firm grounding in French literature.  Ã‚  William C. Carter,  in his book, Marcel Proust: A Life, said that the famous French novelist always sought to enchant his readers: His intently seductive voice is similar to Walt Whitmans, whose sounds and words constantly seem to urge the reader to lie with him and exchange caresses. This brings you back, then, to the original meaning of the term  enchantà ©, meaning to bewitch or cast a spell on, which certainly makes it an alluring term. So, the next time you are searching for just the right word when you meet someone new, use the term  enchantà ©Ã‚  to show your delight at meeting that person or to cast a spell as you draw in your reader or listener.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

The legalization of marijuana in the United States Research Paper

The legalization of marijuana in the United States - Research Paper Example However, there is also a giant percentage of public which believes that criminalization of marijuana possession has always been a defeated objective. It is a kind of government objective which has consumed a lot of manpower and valuable limited resources. However still, the government is nowhere close to discouraging the public from smoking marijuana. Basically, this research paper seeks to argue that cannabis should be legalized or decriminalized in the US. The paper will present and explicate multiple reasons to augment the argument that marijuana is a drug with a variety of uses and minor risks. To validate the argument, marijuana will also be compared with alcohol and tobacco as a way of demonstrating how marijuana is so much less detrimental than the latter substances and still looked down upon by the government with such intensity, which is absolutely unjustified. War on drugs, particularly marijuana, is a complete failure. It has consumed trillions of dollars to date and continues to exert more financial pressure on the American government with every passing day. Prohibition on this drug has affected society very badly because more people are reported or jailed for minor drug offenses and people have to go to extreme measures to get this drug. Many such measures often affect their self-esteem in a very bad way given the circumstances and the places they have to bear to get the drug discreetly. Research also claims that the main reason marijuana often affects users’ lives negatively is not because of the drug really, but â€Å"because of the consequences attached with using the drug† (Pitts cited in Millat). Research shows that the US government has wasted a lot of money to keep marijuana from reaching the market in the past. According to an estimate, the US government suffers a total cost of about $10 billion on an annual basis in myriad efforts to make the country free of this drug. On the other hand, the State of California produces